EducationAdvisor is an Italian Education consultation service with over four years of experience.

EducationAdvisor helps students choose the right career path. We currently provide services for STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Management) and Medicine and Surgery courses in Italy.

We have helped over 50 students choose their career path in Italy. We unlike other consultation services provide services which are affordable and transparent. All the procedures from the initial to the end are communicated with the student in a timely manner.

“EducationAdvisor is the best consultation service for Italy. I have met so many students who have been charged heavily from consultants in India and were not provided admissions in the required course or many lost scholarships. They dint have any contact after arrival in Italy. EducationAdvisor was there throughout the service even after my arrival in Italy.
-Aslam Aliyar(Politecnico di Torino)”

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